From where to get the escort services?

After spending 5 years in UK, I came to Pakistan for my business trip plus to enjoy food and above all to “taste” the companionship of some Hot Pakistani Escorts and Pakistani Call Girls during my stay in Pakistan. In UK – London I use to hire the female escort services from some UK based escort agencies, UK based Escort Agencies and Escort Service providers do have qualitative girls but they don’t have Pakistani Escorts services to quench the thirst of Pakistani guys like me. So one day when I was high in spirits I asked a friend of mine to arrange someone for me, “someone” means a nice sizzling teenage Pakistani girl who can stay with me for night as my intimate partner and bed companion. I was staying in Hotel Avari Lahore, around 9:30 pm I got the call from the pimp (referred to me by my friend) that he is coming to my hotel room with 3 girls, he verbally praised the girls a lot but when the door opened and he came in with those 3 ladies all my dreams were shattered and the girls were a complete turnoff. Shabby dressing, over makeup and one can instantly guess that they were from some remote rural village – Low quality Desi girls or Desi Call girls. I paid him some money and told him to leave. After he left I opened the canister of local beer and started sipping on it plus switched on my laptop to watch some porn movie. I don’t know from where it came into my mind that why not I should try to seek some Call girl over the internet as I used to do in London. So I opened the ALL FAVOURITE search engine and punched in the string PAKISTANI FEMALE COMPANIONS, to my astonishment I did found some results on the page displaying the content and contact numbers of some Escort Service Providers but they didn’t had any proper website so I ignored them. The next phrase that I feed the search engine with was PAKISTANI ESCORTS and PAKISTANI CALL GIRLS and there you go. I found some solid results displaying some genuine websites offering Escort Services in Pakistan. So my dear readers my giant question “From Where To Get Escort Services” was solved. I never had the faintest idea that Pakistan’s cyberspace will be so advanced that I can easily get a good list of Pakistani Escort Service Providers in a mere of seconds.