Mavra Hocane – A damsel with irresistible charms

Mavra Hocane is a stunning young girl who has joined our reputed escort agency about 5-6 months back. Her age is around the early 20s and she has dark brown eyes and cocoa colored lush long hair. Belonging from Lahore itself, she is a perfect embodiment of the beauty of women in this part of the world. Her sweet voice, her heart-pleasing smile and her beguiling and tantalizing eyes are what accounts for her demand amongst our clients. It is her grace and magnetism which makes her one of our top VIP Lahore escorts in the region.

There is an old saying –‘The beauty of a woman lies in the eyes as it is the doorway which leads straight to her heart.’ Mavra is one such girl who beholds such mesmeric eyes. Mavra’s gape is piercing, to some extent irresistible. Her two translucent, as well as bright vitrages depicting the exterior calm of her seductively wild inferno, presents a calculating enticement right at the center. Something which leaves her client’s powerless to resist! It almost feels as if it is those who mesmeric eyes of Mavra are a place worthy of veneration.

One of Mavra’s clients who hired her for her escort services in Lahore stated that- “I was with her at my own apartment and in that dim room I could see the spark in her eyes as she and the storm which it was suppressing. Her glance stated a thousand words- a glance which enchantment to disarm a human completely and make him submit to her whole-heartedly. I could never forget my time spent with her.”

Mavra also has a very pretty face and a relatively caramel toned spotless skin. In terms of her body shape, she is tantalizing in the essence of the term. Perfectly shaped busts, well-waxed arms and legs and height of about over 5ft. 5 inches. However, her curvaceous waistline and on that waist a golden chain hanging is what will also prove to be a major turn on. Mavra wears that whenever her clients want her to wear something showcasing her waistline and it’s a sight to favor!

In terms of intelligence, Mavra is right among the top escort girls we have. Her command of English along with her ability to speak fluently in Hindi, Urdu makes her a top pick. She is also an air-hostess, and that accounts for such proficiency in these languages.

She is also from a well do to background and that makes her adjust easily to whatever scenario hired for. From high societal comportments to treating her clients with respect, love and dedication, Mavra has everything covered in terms of being upscale Lahore escorts.

Mavra serving as one of our escorts in Lahore gives out out-call, in call, erotic body massage, delightful carnal sessions, GFE and companionship services for our client. She is willing to be flexible in the duration, location and timings of sessions but not on her rates. Plus she also expects you to treat her well and give her the same adoration and admiration which she will show on her part towards you.

So, with all said and done, if you are someone who seeks for quality and fun-filled services from VIP Lahore escorts– contact our customer representative and arrange a meet with Mavra immediately. She is very eager to please you and so you should not keep her waiting anymore. Make that call!