Kiran Haq – The one who fulfills all your fetishes

‘Life is simply not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments which take your breath away.’ One such breath-taking moment will be experienced for sure with our very own Kiran Haq. She is a young woman around 25-26 years of age and even a few minutes with this resplendent Dulcinea Read more “Kiran Haq – The one who fulfills all your fetishes”

Anushay Mughal – Quintessence of exquisiteness

A breath of fresh breeze ruffled my bare skin as she neared me. Her voice was enchanting, her eyes were sorcerous and her voice oozed passion in every phrase. Her subtle titillations, her vocals echoing the enclosed surrounding and the warmth of her flesh, made me realize- I was in the presence of a divine goddess. I would never forget that name– Anushay Mughal.”  Truth be spoken, Read more “Anushay Mughal – Quintessence of exquisiteness”

Mavra Hocane – A damsel with irresistible charms

Mavra Hocane is a stunning young girl who has joined our reputed escort agency about 5-6 months back. Her age is around the early 20s and she has dark brown eyes and cocoa colored lush long hair. Belonging from Lahore itself, she is a perfect embodiment of the beauty of women in this part of the world. Read more “Mavra Hocane – A damsel with irresistible charms”

Saba Qamar – A seductress of the most superlative kind

Saba Qamar is one of out newest Lahore escorts and we can proudly state that she happens to be one our brightest talents.

She is chirpy, she is lively and she knows all the skills to make a man go wild. Saba belongs from Lahore itself and her, Read more “Saba Qamar – A seductress of the most superlative kind”